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Marquees and pop up pavilions in the size 3x6 meters

Can accommodate
36 standing 15 seated

Completely waterproof

Completely waterproof

High UV protection

3x6 m Gazebos: Lots of space for a small price

If you need a little more space, the 3x6m gazebo is one of our most popular products. Not only can you fit a car or two beer bench sets comfortably underneath, but there is also standing room for over 30 people. When searching for a large Gazebo measuring 3x6m, you will find a range of practical folding or Pop up Gazebos and robust Marquees at House of Tents. Foldable gazebos are ideal for temporary, outdoor and mobile use - as roofing at festivals or as sun protection at a weekly market, for example. On the other hand, Marquees can stay in place for longer and are often used as cover in gastronomy as well as for festive occasions. If you wish to buy your Gazebo online, House of Tents will definitely have the right tent for your needs!

Foldable Gazebo or Party Tent?


Are you looking for a decorative solution for your garden or terrace that can remain in place permanently as an oasis of calm and well-being? Then our garden gazebo is right for you. House of Tents garden gazebos come in 3x3m and 3x4m sizes and are available with either a hardtop or soft top roof. Garden gazebos supplied with a heavy duty hardtop roof can stay in place all year round. They can therefore be used as an elegant summer house or pergola in the garden or on the terrace for shelter or patio furniture storage.

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Why House of Tents?

  • Stable and cost effective? Check!
  • Completely waterproof? Check!
  • UV-protection? Yes, check!
  • Huge selection of reasonably priced products? Of course!

All our products are of the highest quality. We aim to offer you only the very best, from hard-wearing tarpaulins for the canopy and sides, right down to ensuring that Velcro connectors and anchoring eyelets are well aligned. Furthermore, our expert customer service team is always available; their extensive in-depth knowledge will help you to find the gazebo that meets your requirements. We also offer free delivery and a 10-year spare parts guarantee from the date of purchase on many of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions - 3x6 m gazebos

What metals do you use in the frame?

The metal poles for our Pop up Gazebos are made from either steel (with square or hexagonal profile) or aluminium (hexagonal). Due to its lighter weight, aluminium is easy to transport and, even when frequently assembled and disassembled, it is less sensitive to deep scratches than steel. Steel is cheaper, if a little heavier. Marquees use steel frames with round poles that can be left standing outdoors for longer periods.

House of Tents offers free delivery on many of its products. Look for the green "free shipping" sticker on the product page.

Pop up Gazebos and Marquees can both be set up in your garden whether for a family celebration or as water-resistant and sun protected shelter for your barbecue. However, if you are looking for a particularly stylish shelter that can remain standing all year round, we recommend our Garden Gazebos (available in sizes 3x3m and 3x4m). Our garden gazebos are, of course, 100% waterproof and they come with four side walls.

Polyester is a durable, and light Canopy material, however it isn't waterproof. Our polyester canopies have a PVC coating, that ensures rain water will not leak through. PE and PVC are both waterproof materials (plastics). PE (polyethylene) is lighter and more manageable, while PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is heavier and more robust. In layman’s terms, a PE tarpaulin might be compared to the blue carrier bags used by a well-known furniture retailer. PVC is more like a heavy duty truck tarpaulin. PVC is extremely hard wearing and tear-resistant thanks to its integrated mesh fabric. It is also easy to clean and, if worst comes to the worst, it is easy to repair.

Our House of Tents Marquees (size 3x6 metres) are available in full green, in various striped patterns as well as classic white. With Pop up Gazebos (size 3x6 m), you have even greater choice, with colours including white, blue, green, red, black, orange, purple, cream, stone (taupe) and petrol/ turquoise.

Not all products come with sides. While Marquees always have a full set of removable side walls, including gable sides, for Pop up Gazebos this isn't always the case. Take note of the product description and check the product image on the Pop up Gazebo product page where the number of side panels is clearly shown. Sidewalls offer privacy as well as protection from wind and rain. Search for Pop up Gazebos directly from our online shop, where you can also decide whether or not you require windows.

Mishaps can occur even with high-quality gazebos. For example, a tear in a side panel. Or, perhaps you want to set up your tent with accessories like sandbags or tie down kits to make it extra sturdy and storm proof. You can find everything you need on the Accessories and Spare Parts page in our Online Shop. From connector gutters to storm sets, to storage bags and cleaners – look around and discover our large selection of accessories.

Fixed gazebos, like our Garden Gazebos, for example, are more stable and can remain in place for longer. The soft top models can remain standing throughout spring and summer, while hard top Garden Gazebos can remain standing all year round. Heavy duty professional Marquees with suitable anchoring using tie down ropes and pegs are also suitable for year-round outdoor use but are easy to move or store away if necessary.

Mobile gazebos are easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. Our "most mobile" products are Pop up Gazebos which are simply unfolded on site. Within minutes, you're ready for the weekly market or soccer game. Marquees take a bit longer to erect than Pop up Gazebos. They are also easy to transport and only a few people are needed for assembly and disassembly.

We do not use wood in our products and there are no wooden pavilions in our range. Our poles are always made of long-lasting aluminium or steel, with a wide range of different wall thicknesses and shapes.

Our products always include clear assembly instructions. If you've misplaced your instructions, you can find a PDF for download on the respective product pages in our Online Shop.

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