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Heavy duty 3x4 gazebos for all occasions

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3x4 gazebos for the garden or events

The 4x3 and 3x4 m gazebos offer ideal dimensions for many uses. Whether you need shade for your patio, a market stand or an event tent, our small gazebos are ideal. Easy and quick assembly, a high quality aluminium and steel frame and a fully waterproof canopy make our 3x4 gazebos reliable and durable. Buy a cheap 3x4 gazebo from a specialist dealer who is passionate about tents.

Gazebo 3x4 for the garden

3x4m gazebos: advantages at a glance

Garden gazebo 3x4

3x4m garden gazebo


  • Erect in just a few hours
  • Hardtop models suitable for year-round use
  • 100% waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Most models come with 4 curtains

Popular uses

  • permanent gazebo
  • shade in the garden
  • patio gazebo
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Pop up gazebo beach wedding

Pop up gazebo 3x4.5


  • Simple to unfold as opposed to a complex construction
  • Mobile. Light and easy to transport
  • 100% waterproof
  • Height adjustable
  • Available in many colours and variants

Popular uses

  • mobile sun shelter
  • market stalls, trade fairs and exhibitions
  • garden tent or camping tent
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marquee 3x4 at the beach

Marquee 3x4


  • Particularly stable and suitable for long service life
  • Effective sun and rain protection
  • 100% waterproof
  • Modular side panels
  • Accessories (e.g. connecting rain gutters)

Popular uses

  • gazebo for receptions
  • professional and sports events
  • swimming pool cover
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3x4 gazebos with & without sides

A 3x4 gazebo with sidewalls adds a whole new dimension to the standard garden canopy. As a sun shelter, a gazebo 3m x 4m with sides comes into its own when the sun is low in the sky. Having sidewalls on your 3m x 4m gazebo becomes even more important during rain or passing showers. Sides also block cool breezes, offer greater privacy and can block the view to an unsightly corner of the garden.

Most of our 3x4 gazebos come with side panels included in the delivery. 3 x 4 m marquees for instance, always have a full set of sidewalls. 3x4 permanent gazebos generally also come with a full set of four curtains that can be closed or tied loosely to the four corner legs. Mosquito nets are a useful addition that makes relaxing in your outdoor living room even more enjoyable.

For pop up shelters, we give you complete flexibility to choose the set up that is right for you. We have 3x4.5 m instant gazebos with either 2 or 4 side panels, as well as gazebos without sides. When choosing 3x4.5 m instant gazebos with sides, you can also pick features that meet your needs, including square windows, church windows, panorama windows, and/or zip up doors.

Attaching marquee side walls

How our 3x4 gazebo stand up to the conditions

3x4 m gazebos for the whole year

If you're searching for a year-round 4m by 3m gazebo that can stand up to all weather conditions, we would point you towards our hardtop gazebos. These permanent gazebos have a strong polycarbonate roof that remains in place throughout the winter. Our professional PVC party tents are often used by restaurants and pubs for covering their outdoor dining areas. This increases their seating capacity, not just in rainy conditions, but also well into the colder months of the year.

Gazebo in the winter

100% waterproof 3x4 m gazebos

We only offer 100% waterproof 3x4 gazebos. Whether a hardtop roof or a fabric, you can be assured that it won't let the rain through. Our polyester gazebos have a PVC coating to stop water seeping through the material. Just as important, is the waterproofing of our seams. For pop up tents that means applying a transparent tape over the seams with a heat-sealing process. Plastic welding ensures our party tent seams are also 100% waterproof. There's no need to worry about water getting into stitching in the seams. When it comes to our hardtop polycarbonate roofs, precision design means that there are no gaps for water to pass through.

waterproof gazebo in the rain

Metal gazebos 3m x 4m: Aluminium or steel

Our 3x4 m pavilions all have metal frames, made of either steel or aluminium. The 4x3 and 3x4 aluminium gazebos are characterised by their lightness and stability. They can be set up quickly and transported anywhere with ease. That makes them ideal for outdoor events and commercial uses. Our steel gazebos 3x4 are more suitable for frequent and long-term use.

The durability of a metal frame is plain to see. However, if you prefer the look of a wooden gazebo but like the sound of low maintenance and weatherproof metal frames our 3x4 m Forest line gazebos are an obvious choice. They look just like real wood but have all the benefits of a metal frame.

robust gazebo frame

The distinguishing features of our 3x4 metal gazebos:

  1. 1

    powder-coated aluminium models

  2. 2

    fully galvanised steel models

  3. 3

    anti-corrosion protection

  4. 4

    stability and high strength

Gazebo 3x4 colours

The white 3x4 gazebo has a classic look that lends itself to many different occasions, whether professional or private. The colour black meanwhile, makes for a modern, sleek look that may suit many brands or sports clubs. With 3 x 4.5 m pop up tents in particular, a wider range of colours are available. Red, green, and blue are popular choices, alongside the white, black and grey 3x4.5m gazebos. A useful tip for anyone buying a 4x3 m gazebo: lighter colours let more light into the tent and are therefore brighter inside, especially when fully enclosed. Darker shade tents on the other hand, are great for muddy or dusty conditions because dirt doesn't show as quickly as on white tents.

Gazebo 3x4 m accessories for anchoring

3 x 4.5 m gazebo weights

Tie down kits for 3x4 gazebos

Frequently asked questions about 3x4 gazebos

How do you set up a 3x4 gazebo?

Will my gazebo be blown away in strong winds?

Our service

Our customer service team is ready for all of your questions about 3 x 4m gazebos. Whether you're looking for advice about the ideal roof material or are unsure about the differences in models, they can provide you with expert advice.

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