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Various gazebos in the size of 3x4 m

Can accommodate
24 standing
10 seated

High UV protection

100% waterproof, high quality, stable

100% waterproof, high quality, stable

3x4 m gazebo: a true all-rounder

In addition to our 3x3m bestseller, the 3x4m range of gazebos is also incredibly popular. Garden gazebos, pop up gazebos and marquees in this versatile size are suitable for a wide range of outdoor purposes. From an oasis of wellbeing in the garden to outdoor events of all kinds - 3m x 4m gazebos are true all-rounders.

3x4 m gazebos: advantages at a glance

House of Tents: Heavy duty materials with expert advice

High quality at an affordable price: you'll find a huge selection of heavy duty products in our online shop. All of our products are 100% waterproof with high UV protection. Some are even so weatherproof that they can be left standing in your garden all year round. Our marquees and gazebos with heavy duty metal poles are very stable, yet elegant, and offer terrific value for money.

Our top sellers in the 3x4 m size category

Do you know the size you need, but still wondering which gazebo model is right for you? Given our extensive range of 3x4m pop up gazebos, garden gazebos, or marquees you are bound to find the solution to match your needs. Pop up (folding) pazebos are an ideal choice if you need a product that can be transported frequently and which offers lightning-fast assembly and disassembly. Pop up gazebos, as the name suggests, can be opened or closed without tools. This makes them perfect for use as a canopy for weekly markets or outdoor events of any kind.

If you are looking for something more stylish and more sturdy for your garden, our 3x4.5m garden gazebo is an excellent option. Heavy duty garden gazebos come with 4 sidewalls included in delivery, allowing for you to customise its appearance, fully open for use as a canopy in fine weather, half open to stop a cool breeze or drizzle, or fully closed in rainy weather or where privacy is a concern.

Of course, for garden parties, weddings, sporting events or family celebrations, the marquee is an all-time favourite. Each of our gazebos and marquees is waterproof, portable with their own carry bag, and easy to erect. Again, you have the option of removing all or some sidewalls, including gable walls, and creating a canopy for shade, without putting a wall up between guests and retaining an outdoor atmosphere.

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3x4 gazebos - Frequently asked questions

What colours are available?

Our gazebos come in a wide range of colours. While white is usually the most popular colour for party tents, stone grey is the bestseller among our garden gazebos. Pop up gazebos come in the largest selection of colours: white, grey, blue, beige, or even purple – take your pick! You should note that if you intend to use the product as a market marquee, there are sometimes colour regulations for retailers or exhibitors. It is worth checking with the market organiser beforehand. White is the most frequently specified colour. You should also pay attention to any on-site fire protection regulations (For fire safety, PVC as a canopy and sidewall material is recommended as it is a naturally flame-retardant material).

Some products can remain standing in the garden all year round, for example, a hardtop garden gazebo with a polycarbonate panel roof. This is known as a fixed gazebo, and is perfect as a home for garden furniture or BBQs. Pop up gazebos are intended to be very mobile and are usually only set up for a few hours (e.g. while camping or at a festival). Party tents fall "somewhere in the middle". They are sometimes used for one day events, but can also be left standing for weeks or even months. Carry bag sets are available for marquees and a wheeled carry bag is included with pop up gazebos for easy transport.

All House of Tents marquees and gazebos are waterproof and stable. You don't have to use any extra products to seal them against rain; all of our products are waterproof to start with. So, if you place one of our products in your garden, you can be sure that you won't be interrupted by drips on your head while you see off a passing shower.

If you need privacy or weather protection, waterproof sidewalls will be a must. Our garden gazebos come with 4 side wall panels included in the price, so it is up to you whether you choose to use your gazebo open or closed. Depending on what part of the UK you call home, you might also consider mosquito and midge netting (ensure you select sides 3x4m). Sidewalls are also included with our party tents. Individual panels can be removed to create an additional entrance, or to allow more light and fresh air into the interior. Alternatively, you can remove a whole side, or sides to create a much more open gazebo marquee.

On the other hand, pop up gazebos may be ordered with or without sides. Since you can also select side panels with windows, the interior will remain nice and bright even when the sides are in use as rain cover. Panoramic windows for our pop up gazebos also come with integrated roller blinds.

Our products have either aluminium or steel frames and, of course, both types are corrosion resistant. Depending on the product and price, poles may be made of aluminium, powder coated steel or fully galvanized steel. Aluminium is particularly light and does not rust even if it gets scratched deeply. Due to its low weight, aluminium is also more manageable and is easier to transport. Steel frames usually have a lower price, but are somewhat heavy in comparison.

Our garden gazebos have two roof types: soft top with a polyester roof tarpaulin or hardtop with polycarbonate panels. Both roof types are waterproof - you can rest assured that you will stay dry and comfortable while sitting in your garden or on the patio. Both roof types also provide effective sun protection. While a hard top gazebo can stand all year round (like a pergola), the soft top should be removed in the cold season.

If storms or strong winds are forecast, you will need to decide if its necessary to dismantle your outdoor shelter, or if you can ensure it will stay grounded with anchors or weights. Garden gazebos come with secure concrete anchors, and can therefore be left standing even in strong winds. Pop up gazebos can be secured with a variety of anchoring methods, from sand bags to footplates and guy ropes. Marquees use extra long, heavy duty pegs and tie down ropes. Take a look at accessories for pop up gazebos and marquees for footplates and other anchoring equipment. Keeping all sides attached to your outdoor gazebo is a sensible precaution against high winds.

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