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263 x 575 cm Greenhouse, aluminium

HERA 9ProGlass
  • sturdy aluminium frame
  • long-life polycarbonate sheets
  • front, rear & side walls made of tempered safety glass
  • 15-year guarantee on the aluminium frame
  • 10-year guarantee on the twin-wall panels
Standard aluminium natural
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The greenhouse HERA 9 by GFP offers the highest level of functionality and stability. The front and rear walls as well as the side walls are made of toughened safety glass, the gable triangles of the front and rear walls and the roof areas with windows are made of twin-wall panels ca. 16 mm thick.

  • aluminium frame designed in Austria
  • long-life polycarbonate sheets made in Germany
  • with ca. 16 mm thick twin-wall sheets for the roof
  • front, rear & side walls made of 4 mm tempered safety glass
  • extra high side walls (ca. 193 cm)
  • 15-year guarantee on the aluminium frame (See the guarantee)
  • 10-year guarantee on the twin-wall panels (See the guarantee)

Why don't we use glass in the roof?

Our PRO HERA GLASS greenhouses feature tempered safety glass on the front, rear, and side panels. The roof and gable panels of the greenhouse are glazed with polycarbonate twin wall panels. This is an important safety feature in particular in case of hail..
Width263 cm
Depth575 cm
Height at apex257 cm
Eaves height193 cm
Double sliding door120 x 193 cm
Number of boxes11
Total weight532 kg


The polycarbonate sheet roof is durable, UV-resistant & extremely robust - perfect for year-round use!
Here's what makes the polycarbonate roof stand out:
  • refracts light without burning glass effect
  • exhibits good thermal insulation
  • easier to install than glass
  • sheets are made in Germany
  • ca. 16 mm thick polycarbonate twin-wall sheets
  • 10-year guarantee on the twin-wall panels (See the guarantee)
* Product may differ in size and colour from the image.


Double sliding door

Aluminium frame

  • assembly with 2 people
hqdefaultStep 1 Connecting the longitudinal parts
hqdefaultStep 2 Assembling the base frame
hqdefaultStep 3 Assembling the side corner profiles
hqdefaultStep 4 Assembly of the rain gutters and cross brace
hqdefaultStep 5 Assembly of struts and door entrance
hqdefaultStep 6 Assembly of the gable corners and ridge
hqdefaultStep 7 Assembly of the roof struts
hqdefaultStep 8 Inserting the twin-wall sheets
hqdefaultStep 9 Window stop
hqdefaultStep 10 Assembling and installing the windows
hqdefaultStep 11 Assembling and installing the door
hqdefaultStep 12 Finishing work
hqdefaultStep 13 Installing the automatic window opener

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The greenhouses are delivered from Eferding (Austria) within the stated delivery time. In rare cases, there may be delays in the shipping time, of which you will be informed.

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Allow sufficient time for the set-up

To ensure that everything is stable and correctly assembled, you should allow enough time for the assembly of your greenhouse. In principle, you can assemble the greenhouse in one day, provided that you follow the assembly instructions consistently.

Get started with assembly in the morning

Ask friends and relatives for support

Sort all the parts in advance

Read the instructions carefully

Keep all important tools handy

The greenhouse needs a good foundation

In order for your greenhouse to withstand wind and weather and to protect your plants from the elements, a foundation is essential. The foundation serves as a load-bearing base and thus ensures a firm and secure stand. The foundation also ensures your greenhouse a long life. Common foundations for greenhouses are: strip foundation made of concrete, concrete slabs or prefabricated concrete blocks, point foundation made of concrete, and the laying of concrete slabs.