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Marquee 4x8m: the high-quality party tent with 32 m²

Tarpaulin & frame
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Multi-purpose 4x8 m marquees for all occasions

Create a new space, turn your outdoor pool into an indoor pool or establish your marquee as the new, weatherproof meeting place for your club. With enough standing space for up to 64 people, a 4x8 m marquee is the perfect size for clubs, workplaces, churches or for anyone who enjoys hosting large garden parties.

The stable 4x8m marquee is simply a first-class multi-purpose event tent and suitable for countless situations, in the garden, at a sport club, or at a commercial premises!

Reception tent 4x8 for outdoor events

Which tent quality: PRO or FLEX?

At House of Tents, we have 4x8 marquees in two quality lines: PRO and FLEX. Our PRO marquees have a completely waterproof PVC tarpaulin, while FLEX marquees have a fully waterproof PE tarpaulin.

PE tents can be erected quickly and are easy to transport - thanks to the lightness and good handling of the tarpaulin. They also come at a lower price than a PVC marquee 4x8. Would you like to use your 4x8 party tent from day to day, rather than leaving it to stand permanently in one place? Then our marquees with light PE tarpaulins are ideal for you.

Heavy duty PVC on the other hand, has the feel of a truck tarpaulin and is more durable and flame-retardant. If you've ever held a heavy duty PVC material in your hands, you would have noticed the professional quality immediately, because only PVC can be so robust and tear-resistant! If durability is important to you, you might prefer to choose the heavy duty PVC tarpaulin in the PRO and leave the tent in place for months on end.

PE Tarpaulin for FLEX marquees

FLEX marquees

  • lightweight PE tarpaulin
  • 100% waterproof with UV protection up to 50+
  • Tearing strength of 350-550 N
  • Side height up to 2m
  • Ground bar only for Plus models
  • Single-piece sidewalls for FLEX Light models
PE marquees
PVC Tarpaulin for PRO marquees

PRO marquees

  • heavy duty PVC tarpaulin
  • 100% waterproof with UV protection up to 50+
  • Tearing strength of 700-1400 N
  • Side height up to 2.6m
  • Ground bar for Smart and Plus models
  • Side panels can be removed individually for all models
PVC marquees

Our strongest heavy duty 4x8 marquees

All garden marquees at House of Tents have fully galvanised frames made of steel. Models in our shop differ not only in respect to their tarpaulin material, but also in their overall stability. Our most sturdy 4x8 marquees are those with an extra-reinforced steel frame including ground bar and roof supports.

    What is the 4x8 m marquee best suited for?

    We've collected a few ideas from customers about how they use their 4x8 marquees. We're often surprised by the practical and ingenious uses to which our customers put their party tents.

    What makes our garden marquees so attractive?

    Our heavy duty marquees are reliable and the 4x8m size makes them perfect for clubs and small businesses, as well as large parties or even weddings with dozens of guests. A 4x8m party tent is large enough to accommodate roughly 64 people standing, and 46 people seated.

    But what other advantages do our 4x8 m marquees offer? In the following graphic, we've compiled further advantages of your new, stable tent for you. From the ground bar to the side panels - find out about the key features of your dream marquee!

    Fully galvanised steel frame

    Protects against corrosion, is very robust and therefore extremely stable.

    Optional reinforcement of the roof

    Provides reinforced protection from rain and adds stability to the roof of your sturdy party tent.

    Side walls and height

    Can be attached individually as an option and can be up to 2.6 metre high. You can also order gable panels with windows for any size at any time.


    An assembly video for the PRO 4x8 m marquee

    Opting for a PRO Plus PVC Marquee in the size 4x8m provides you with assurance that the heavy duty frame and tarpaulin can stand up to strong weather forces. The extra ground bar, roof supports, and stronger parts however, mean that assembly can take a little longer. But don't fear, we explain the system step by step in our YouTube video! Alongside the instruction manual included in delivery, this video will have you setting up your new marquee in no time at all.

    Frequently asked questions about 4x8m marquees

    How can you heat a 4x8 party tent?

    What ground conditions are important for the party tent?

    Does the purchase of a marquee include everything for pitching?

    Is the party tent stable in windy conditions?

    Is there a bag for easy transport of the party tent?

    Our service

    Do you have questions about the different sizes available? Do you have specific questions about the materials used in our 4x8 party tents? Or are you looking for suitable accessories for your marquee that will add further stability? Call our expert customer service, our team will be happy to advise you and inform you about current offers!

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