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4x8m marquee - stable & waterproof

Enough space for
ca.64 ca.46

100 % waterproof & highly UV-resistant

100 % waterproof

Fully galvanised steel frame

Professional tent with PE and PVC tarpaulins

Marquee 4x8m: the high-quality party tent with 32 m²

Create a new space, turn your outdoor pool into an indoor pool or establish your marquee as the new, weatherproof meeting place for your club. The stable 4x8m marquee is simply a first-class multi-purpose event tent and suitable for countless situations, in the garden, at the sport club, or at a commercial premises!

Which tent quality: Profiline or Optiline?

At House of Tents, we distinguish exactly between two quality lines: Profiline and Optiline. Our Profiline marquees have a completely waterproof PVC tarpaulin and the Optiline marquees have a fully waterproof PE tarpaulin. PE tents are erected in short time - especially thanks to the lightness and good handling of the tarpaulin. They also come at a lower price than those made of PVC. Heavy duty PVC on the other hand, has the feel of a truck tarpaulin and is more durable and flame-retardant. If you've ever held a heavy duty PVC material in your hands, you would have noticed the high professional quality directly, because only PVC can be so robust and tear-resistant!

Would you like to use your party tent from day to day, rather than leaving it to stand permanently in one place? Then our marquees with light PE tarpaulins are ideal for you. On the other hand, if durability is important to you, you might prefer to choose the heavy duty PVC tarpaulin in the Profiline and leave the tent in place for months on end. All garden marquees at House of Tents have fully galvanised frames made of steel. Models in our shop differ not only in respect to their tarpaulin material, but also in their overall stability.

What is the 4x8 m marquee best suited for?

Get-togethers and getting to know each other

The 4x8 m marquee is ideal for clubs, but also for hosting a party or commercial event. Especially for clubs, this stable marquee offers an uncomplicated, reliable and neutral contact and meeting point. Here you can meet and get to know club members. Whether it's a club party in the garden, an annual 'club day' or a meeting place for club life - this tent is extremely functional. To ensure that your heavy duty marquee is also convincing in terms of appearance, House of Tents offers a wide range of colours: including white and green, and stunning striped patterns, with green-white, blue-white, beige-white and red-white to choose from. You'll be able to match the colours of your marquee to the colours of the club.

Do you want to protect your pool or veranda from bad weather? Then the 4x8 m marquee is the perfect solution for you. From outside to inside - create a new, weather-protected space. The best thing about it: you don't have to invest in expensive construction work. You still get a light-flooded, bright room - and at a lower price. Our heavy duty marquees can also be extended with ease, thanks to connecting gutters. This makes them perfect for clubs or commercial enterprises that might have varying needs, in terms of the size of the shelter needed from day to day.

What makes our garden marquees so attractive?

Our heavy duty marquees are reliable and the 4x8m size makes them perfect for clubs and small businesses, as well as large parties or even weddings with dozens of guests. A 4x8m party tent is large enough to accommodate roughly 64 people standing, and 46 people seated. But what other advantages do our 4x8 m marquees offer? In the following graphic, we have compiled further advantages of your new, stable tent for you. From the ground bar to the side panels - get a certain feeling of space for your dream marquee already now!

The House of Tents 4x8m marquee in detail
  1. Optional reinforcement of the roof Provides reinforced protection from rain and adds stability to the roof of your sturdy party tent.
  2. Side walls and height Can be attached individually as an option and can be up to 2.6 metre high in the Profiline. You can also order gable panels with windows for any size at any time.
  3. Fully galvanised steel frame Protects against corrosion, is very robust and therefore extremely stable.

Practical tips and tricks

An explanatory video for the professional 4x8 m marquee!

Opting for a Professional PVC Marquee in the size 4x8m provides you with assurance that the heavy duty frame and tarpaulin can stand up to strong weather forces. The extra ground bar, roof supports, and stronger parts however, mean that assembly can take a little longer. But don't fear, we explain the system step by step in our YouTube video! Alongside the instruction manual included in delivery, this video will have you setting up your new marquee in no time at all.

Frequently asked questions about 4x8m marquees

How can you heat the 4x8 party tent?

There are two ways you can heat your marquee: with or without a power connection. If you decide on heating with a power connection, fan heaters quickly and actively distribute the heat in your marquee. Electric radiant heaters or blowers can also be used here. However, if you are in an outdoor area without access to an electrical power point, gas radiant heaters are ideal. Although they take a little longer to heat, they can be used without a power socket.

If you want to set up your tent on uneven, damp ground, we advise that you install some form of flooring. This will protect your tent from moisture and dirt. You can use plastic mats for short-term use in the garden or a concrete floor for longer term use. Grass is a leading factor in causing condensation in tents. Read more in our magazine article about condensation in tents.

The price of your party tent includes everything you need to set it up. You therefore do not need to worry about additional tools. However, we recommend that you bring along a battery-powered screwdriver. This will help you to screw the steel poles together more quickly and save you time. Sidewalls attach with bungees, that hold the canopy and sidewall tarpaulins tight to the frame, while allowing for enough give when the wind blows. A ladder can also be helpful if you would like to hang decorations for your party or event from the canopy.

All of our products are robust and are made of high quality materials. You can rest assured that they will stand firm against windy conditions. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for storms and secure the heavy duty marquee accordingly. Increase the stability of your model with our wide range of anchoring accessories, including sandbags, tent feet adapted for concrete weights, or with ground anchors for hard or soft surfaces. The Safety Plus Package is particularly recommended for maximum protection. Call our expert customer service for advice on improving the stability of your party tent.

Yes, we have a variety of different bags on offer. These carry bag sets are not only designed to save space during transport, but also help to keep all the parts together and protect your model - so you can use it again without damage for your next event.

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