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3x6m marquee - stable & waterproof

Enough space for
ca. 36 ca. 26

100% waterproof

100% waterproof

Fully galvanised steel frame

UV-resistant tarpaulins

Marquee 3x6 m: The perfect marquee

Are you planning an event and looking for an inexpensive and stable marquee in the size 3x6m that's easy to set up? Do you need to extend the sheltered area in your garden, for example, by giving your pool a roof and thus protecting it from garden debris and maintaining warmth in Autumn and Spring? Transform your outdoor space with a heavy-duty canopy, adding and removing side walls whenever you wish!

Comparison of PE and PVC tarpaulins

We offer two product lines, one featuring PE tarpaulins, and the other with a PVC canopy and sides. If you'd like a marquee that is light, easy to erect and easy to transport, PE (short for polyethylene) tarpaulins are lightweight yet strong. PVC tarpaulins are heavier, and more durable. The heavy duty, long-lasting material is comparable to truck trailer tarpaulins.

Both materials are waterproof. It's up to you which material you would prefer.

What are 3x6m marquees suitable for?

Because the 3x6 party gazebo is quick to erect, waterproof and also offers a high level of UV protection, the marquee is perfect for events of all kinds, including weddings. In the following, we will introduce you to two possible uses of your heavy-duty marquee in more detail. Whether you use your gazebo for a party in the garden or as a sunshade, or to give your outdoor pool a roof - your marquee tent will not only convince in terms of appearance, but especially in terms of material.

Celebrate unique parties in your own garden thanks to the marquee

Whether a birthday, a wedding or a barbecue in the garden - the 3x6 party tent is perfect for your event! Set no limits to your creativity and give your party your own personal signature. Unlike large party halls, you can express yourself here and decorate your marquee tent just the way you like. The 3x6 size allows you to entertain guests in style and is perfectly suited to private events, as it offers enough space for a buffet.

Use your 3x6 m party tent as a canopy extension in your outdoor area. You can transform an otherwise unused or underutilised outdoor space into a useful, sun, wind, and rain protected shelter for whatever you need it for. With open sides, you can benefit from the shade of the canopy, alongside all the benefits of the outdoor air.

With closed side walls, the marquee can be used as storage for your outdoor furniture or the BBQ. Equally, it can be used as a hobby room or heavy-duty playhouse for the children. If you are looking for a tent to use as a garden shed, or bicycle shed, consider our small portable garages.

That's why our marquees are ideal for every occasion

The steel frame, the canopy and the side walls of the marquee tent, are easy to assemble and look great. But more importantly, you need a marquee that you know will be stable and waterproof. In addition to these important characteristics, the marquees in our shop have:

The House of Tents 3x6m marquee in detail
  1. Optional reinforcement of the roof and frame: Precisely fitting to the respective size of the tent, metal roof supports give the roof of your heavy-duty marquee additional stability and protect against bad weather. A ground bar ensures that leg poles remain evenly spaced, and keeps the side wall panels perfectly tort.
  2. Sidewalls and height: Individual waterproof sidewall panels with an easy to open zip entrance or gable panels with windows are available as an optional accessory. All sides can be quickly attached to the frame of the marquee with bungees.
  3. A fully galvanised steel frame: Rust-resistant, robust and impervious to impacts or scratches

Practical tips and tricks

With these accessories you can easily enlarge your garden marquee

Connecting gutters for a waterproof connection of marquees

Do you already own a marquee, and you're planning a large get-together or outdoor event in your garden? If you've calculated that the marquee you already own isn't big enough, does that mean that you'll now need to buy a completely new marquee in a larger size? The answer is simple: no. It's much cheaper to buy an additional second marquee tent and connect the two together. It also allows you to be much more flexible and mobile. In order to connect both tents, we recommend connecting gutters. This turns two party tents into one high-quality marquee. Sandbags, heaters, and much more besides can all be found on our Accessories and Spare Parts page.

Frequently asked questions about 3x6 Marquees

Do I need a permit to erect a marquee and leave it standing permanently?

A temporary building permit is required if you would like to leave your garden marquee standing for more than 28 days. After 28 days you will need to disassemble the structure and assemble it again to meet the requirements of planning laws. If you've managed to secure planning permission that allows you to leave your garden marquee standing for a longer period, we recommend our Professional Profiline marquees. These feature heavy-duty tarpaulins, thicker poles, a ground bar, and roof reinforcements, that protect the heavy-duty marquee from wind, heavy rainfall and snow. Alternatively, you might consider a garden gazebo with a hardtop canopy.

As your party tent is not a closed and insulated room, heat can be lost. To improve the air circulation and distribution of heat in a tent, fan heaters and gas heaters are well suited. While fan heaters distribute the heat quickly and evenly, gas radiant heaters take a little longer. On the other hand, gas heaters can be used independently of a power socket, whereas a power connection is required for fan heaters.

n light winds, the standard anchoring included in the delivery of your gazebo is sufficient. Once the wind starts to pick up however, we advise you to use extra anchoring equipment. Tie down ratchet straps are available in our shop and can be purchased for anchoring to either hard or soft ground surfaces. For securing to a wooden patio deck, we recommend buying anchors specifically designed for this purpose. If extreme weather conditions are announced, we recommend dismantling the heavy-duty marquee. For more information on this topic, read our House of Tents magazine article: Increase the stability of your marquee or portable garage.

We offer you a large selection of different colours. The party tent 3x6 is available in both plain and eye-catching colours. Decide for yourself whether you prefer a white gazebo or a gazebo in colourful green. Combinations are also possible. You will also find gable and side panels in grey-white, blue-white, green-white, beige-white and red-white in our shop. Whether white, grey, blue, green or red - show your colours with your party tent 3x6!

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