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Buy a large marquee you can rely on

A large marquee, such as our top seller 5x10 marquee, provides the perfect shelter for hosting significant outdoor events. With its generous dimensions of 50 square meters, it can comfortably accommodate around a hundred people. Our high-quality large marquees boast a sturdy steel frame and a waterproof cover, ensuring resilience against rain, wind, and sun. Whether it's a professional event or a family celebration, our extensive range of large party tents inlcuding 5x10 m, 6x12 m and bigger, are the reliable choice for any occasion.

Wedding marquee for large events

Marquees in smaller sizes

What size marquee do I need?

In general, we suggest accounting for 2 people per square while standing. That means that a 5x10 metre marquee can accommodate a maximum of roughly 100 guests. A 6x12 marquee meanwhile, could be suitable as a venue for over 140 guests. Our guide to calculating the capacity of a marquee will help you determine the size event marquee you need, whether the guests are to be standing or seated.

    The features of our large marquees

    A galvanised steel frame

    The heavy duty frame of our large marquees consists of galvanised steel tubes. This high-quality material gives the tent great stability. The Flex Plus and Pro Plus lines feature a ground bar, while the Pro Ultra line has roof reinforcements for greater strength.

    A waterproof and UV-resistant cover

    A waterproof tarpaulin with UV protection is a must. All of our large marquees are available with either a PVC or PE tarpaulin. A PVC marquee is more durable and ideal for long-term use. A PE marquee is easier to handle and suitable for temporary use.

    Plenty of flexibility

    The side tarpaulins of our 5x10 party tent feature large, attractive windows. Each 2 metre long panel can be removed at any time to create an even bigger, brighter space.


    How you can best use large marquees for events and garden parties

    Large marquees are a practical choice for hosting a wide range of occasions, including corporate events, birthdays, and weddings. The flexibility they offer is unmatched. By combining tents, you can create a seamless event space that accommodates various needs. An extra-large marquee, like the 6x12 metre size, can comfortably house a substantial guest list for corporate events or grand celebrations like weddings. For more intimate gatherings, a 5x10 metre marquee provides just the right amount of space. These versatile structures serve as a canvas for your event's decor and theme, allowing you to create a fun and memorable event.

    Large marquee for a summer staff party

    Advantages of buying vs. renting a large marquee

    Opting to purchase a large marquee comes with several significant advantages. Owning a marquee means you have a versatile event space at your disposal whenever you need it, without the ongoing expense of rentals. Surprisingly, the cost of buying a marquee is often comparable to the full marquee hire price especially when you factor in expenses like installation, delivery, and insurance. An additional advantage is that you'll own a brand-new tent, free from wear and tear, providing a fresh and pristine event space for every occasion.

      Deciding on the best large marquee for your needs

      In our online shop, we take pride in offering a diverse range of marquees to cater to your specific needs. While classic white marquees remain a popular choice, we also provide an array of eye-catching options, including blue-white, grey-white, and red-white large marquees. 

      You can select from two primary materials: PVC or PE. PVC marquees are renowned for their robustness and sturdiness, making them an excellent choice for long-lasting outdoor solutions. On the other hand, PE marquees offer a lightweight alternative, ideal for events where portability is key.

      Marquee in attractive beige and white

      Frequently asked questions about large marquees

      Can you assemble a large marquee alone?

      How do you decorate a large marquee for a wedding or birthday party?

      Our expert service

      Our expert customer service team are happy to help with any questions you might have, including the availablity of spare parts, including everything from sides and canopy tarpaulins, to frame poles to anchoring pegs. They can assist you in finding the best large tent, whether PVC or PE, for your price range. Give them a call now.

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