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Guarantee Policy of TOOLPORT GmbH

1. Guarantor

The Guarantor of this Guarantee Policy is TOOLPORT GmbH, represented by managing directors Stephan Weiß and Marc Schmidt, Gutenbergring 1-5 in D-22848 Norderstedt – Commercial register: HRB 8223 KI – Registry court: Kiel District Court.

2. Claimant

The buyer is entitled to claims under the guarantee in his/her capacity as end user (§ 13 of the German Civil Code, BGB), for the products listed under Item 3.

3. Guarantee contents

TOOLPORT GmbH shall grant the claimant the following guarantees:

a) On the PVC roof tarpaulins of the tents sold by the company, specified in Appendix I, a durability guarantee

b) On the frames of the product range EVEREST PRIME PLUS and HIGHLANDER PRIME PLUS, a rust perforation guarantee of 10 years.

Independent of these guarantees, customers of TOOLPORT GmbH are entitled to their statutory rights without restriction in their capacity as consumer.

4. Term and commencement of the guarantees

With regard to Item 3 a) of this Guarantee Policy, the guarantee on the PVC roof tarpaulins listed in Appendix I shall be 3 or 5 years. With regard to Item 3 b) of this Guarantee Policy, the guarantee shall be 10 years. The respective guarantees shall commence with the date of the first delivery of the goods by TOOLPORT GmbH to the end user.

5. Scope of the guarantees

The guarantee shall comprise:

a) With regard to above-mentioned Item 3 a), the free-of-charge delivery of a replacement roof or the free-of-charge professional repair of the PVC roof tarpauling by TOOLPORT GmbH at their choice.

b) With regard to above-mentioned Item 3 b), rust perforation is given at the earliest when acute technical measures would be required to prevent complete rust perforation or to ensure the safety of the tent, due to the corrosion from the interior to the exterior having reached such an extent. Within the sense of this Policy, a rust perforation shall not be considered as given if merely an externally visible rusting can be seen on the frame. The Guarantee shall include the free-of-charge deliver of a replacement frame by TOOLPORT GmbH.

c) For all cases of this Guarantee, taking over transport costs by TOOLPORT GmbH; any costs for assembly and dismantling of the tent shall be borne by the claimant. A guarantee claim shall assume the correct assembly of the tent in accordance with static calculations as well as assembly instructions, and on the appropriate flooring under normal usage.

6. Exclusion of guarantees

The guarantees shall not cover eyelets, zips, ventilation windows, fastening straps and too-tense straps, or seams. Further excluded from the guarantee are deteriorations caused by exposure to violence and/or in the event of changes and/or independent refinement and/or misappropriation. Deformation of the material or abrasion of the material caused by friction are not covered by the guarantee. Other claims only apply if the cause is due to a construction fault or production fault. Damage, tears, holes and discolouring caused by contact with the floor are not covered by the guarantee.

7. Invalidation of guarantee claims

The guarantee claim shall become invalid if repairs or procedures are carried out by persons who have not been expressly authorized in writing by TOOLPORT GmbH to do so. The guarantee shall also become completely void if single prerequisites contained in the guarantee terms and conditions are not fulfilled.

8. Guarantee claim and notification

Damage repair shall be carried out exclusively by TOOLPORT GmbH or by an authorized company. The guarantee claim assumes that the claimant will provide TOOLPORT GmbH with written notification, and will send TOOLPORT GmbH suitable photographs, if requested, to verify the guarantee claim. All enquiries of TOOLPORT GmbH shall be answered completely and truthfully. The guarantee assumes that until the final settlement of the guarantee claim, all individual parts of the tent shall be retained by the customer. Any further claims, in particular with regard to compensation amounting to the value of the tent or for compensation of damages not directly linked to damages of the PVC roof tarpaulin, are excluded.

9. Territorial scope

The territorial scope of this guarantee is restricted to the United Kingdom.

10. Applicable law

German law shall apply to the assertion of guarantee claims.

Appendix I:
Product Product guarantee on tarpaulins in years 720g/m² Rust perforation guarantee

g/m² white grey green
EVEREST PRIME PLUS 5,5x15 720 5 5 5 10
HIGHLANDER PRIME PLUS -1m- 720 5 5 5 10
HIGHLANDER PRIME PLUS -2m- 720 5 5 5 10
PROFESSIONAL 720 PRIME 720 3 3 3 none
WIKINGER PRIME 720 3 3 3 none