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4x6m 3.0m Sides Storage Tent / Shelter w. ground frame and zipper entrance, PVC 550 g/m² grey | without statics

Item No.: 79794
  • Suitable for year-round use
  • Strongest and most stable construction of the VARIOStore line
  • 2 Large zip gates

Available for dispatch 13.11.2019
approx. delivery time: 3 - 7 working days
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Product benefits

VARIOStore PROFESSIONAL - Protects safely in every season and brings maximum space capacity

With a lateral height of 3,0 m and a ridge height of 4,0 m, this VARIOStore storage tent offers a lot of space upward. A solid zip opening system allows quick and easy access to the tent on every gable side. In the professional quality, this particularly robust and very stable storage tent is ideal for year-round use. It has the strongest frame of the VARIOStore line. The approximately 550 g/m² PCV tarpaulin is UV-resistant and 100% waterproof. The high sun protection factor of 80+ protects the stored goods ideally against UV radiation. Thanks to its individual side panels, it offers many body variants and thus a high degree of customisation.

With the tent-to-tent principle and the matching connection gutters, the tent can be extended at any time both in length and in width.

quality characteristics

Secured connection

Secured connection

All standing poles are double-bolted

Solid steel frame

Solid steel frame

Shock-resistant and low-maintenance

Durable PVC tarpaulin

Durable PVC tarpaulin

With tear-resistant patterned inner fabric

Stable on any surface

Stable on any surface

The extra large foot plate

Details & Sizes

Base data:

Article no.:79794
Size WxL ca.:4.0 x 6.0 m

Materials and thicknesses:

Roof tarpaulin:approx. 550 g/m²; 100 % PVC
Side panels:approx. 550 g/m²
Ø Steel pipes:approx. 50 / 38 mm
Wall thickness of poles:approx. 1.6 / 1.2 mm
Ø Steel pole connectors:approx. 54 / 42 mm
Wall thickness of connectors:approx. 1.7 / 1.4 mm

Weather resistance:

100% waterproof:Yes
UV sun protection factor:80+

Product sizes:

Width:approx. 4.00 m
Length:approx. 6.00 m
Lateral height:approx. 3.00 m
Ridge height:approx. 4.0 m
Leg distance (for max. side entrance width):approx. 2 m
WxL gate 1approx. 3.0 x 2.9 m
WxL gate 2approx. 3.0 x 2.9 m

Package data/sizes:

Number of boxes:10
Total weight:196.3 kg


This tent construction is certainly progressing, defying wind and weather and is designed for year-round use. The extraordinary stability of the professional storage tent is due to its increased steel content, mounted in its extra strong legs and the additional reinforcing elements in the roof and floor area. Hereby, precipitation and weather-related forces can be optimally discharged, and the tent provides reliable protection throughout the year. The fully galvanized steel pipes provide excellent protection against corrosion and weather and are less sensitive to shocks than e.g. powder coated steel pipes. The material thicknesses are specially adapted to the high requirements, extend the period of use of this tent and make it so extremely robust and resistant.

  • 1:Solid steel frame - provides optimal protection
  • 2:Bolting - A secure connection.
  • 3:Roof and side reinforcement - for higher load capacity
  • 4:Floor frame - secured and fixed
  • 5:Extra large feet - securely fastened on any surface!

Solid steel frame - provides optimal protection

All steel pipes are fully galvanized inside and outside. This is resistant to impact and scratching and protects against corrosion.

  • Extra-strong connector approx.
    • Diameter: vertical Ø 54 mm / horizontal 42 mm
    • Wall thickness: vertical 1.7 mm / horizontal 1.4 mm
  • Extra-strong fully galvanized steel tubes approx.
    • Diameter: vertical Ø 50 mm / horizontal 38 mm
    • Wall thickness: vertical 1.6 mm / horizontal 1.2 mm

Bolting - A secure connection.

With this sturdy bolt construction, all construction elements are firmly connected to each other with a bolt-screw connection.

  • That is stable
  • Insensitive and low maintenance
  • Strengthens the entire construction significantly
  • All standing poles are double-bolted
  • Use of 50 mm thick threaded screws

Roof and side reinforcement - for higher load capacity

The use of additional reinforcing steel elements in the roof and sides derives weather-related forces, as well as targeted off. This makes this construction particularly resistant.

  • For increased roof load capacity
  • Roof struts
  • Steel wires between the rafters
  • Diagonal struts in the corners to reinforce the side frame

Floor frame - secured and fixed

The ground frame is flexibly installable in individual elements. Undesirable elements e.g. in the entrance area, can be avoided by simply leaving out the appropriate element.

  • Secures and fixes the legs on the ground
  • Increases the stability considerably
  • Side parts can be attached to it
  • Reduces unwanted tarp movements

Extra large feet - securely fastened on any surface!

Each pillar has a separate foot element.

  • Dimensions foot plate approx. 20 x 20 cm
  • Secure from all sides with the double earth anchorage
  • As standard included in delivery: pegs for soft ground
  • Also suitable for concrete anchors (see separate accessories)

Tarpaulin & Doors

The 500 g / m2 PVC tarpaulin is comparable to a truck tarpaulin. The tarpaulin has an patterned internal fabric, which makes the PVC tarpaulin very tear-resistant and extremely robust. The PVC tarpaulin is characterized by a high weathering and UV resistance and is thus extremely durable. With a temperature resistance of +50 to -20 ° C and a high UV protection of 80+, the PVC tarpaulin proves to be a reliable protection in every season. The glossy, smooth look is particularly low-maintenance and easy to clean.

  • 1:Roof tarpaulin - 100% waterproof throughout
  • 2:Bungees - easy fast and safe
  • 3:Single side panels - for variable entrances also on the side
  • 4:XXL Floor skirts - Extra protection against wind and rain
  • 5:Tent climate - self-regulating air exchange
  • 6:Each gable side has one entrance.

Roof tarpaulin - 100% waterproof throughout

The continuous roof tarpaulin holds the construction together and is therefore an important part of the stability.

  • All seams are welded and not sewn
  • Circulating flounce regulates ventilation, stops drafts
  • Especially roofs that have been climbed are not waterproof - with us you get a 100% waterproof roof and not just one made of waterproof material.

Bungees - easy fast and safe

All tarpaulin elements are attached to the frame using bungees.

  • Especially quick and easy installation
  • Slightly yield in wind and thus reduce the risk of damage
  • Can be easily exchanged if necessary

Single side panels - for variable entrances also on the side

The side walls are inserted at a distance of 2 m and can be variably installed or removed.

  • Allows entrances at any position
  • Dimensions W / H approx .: 2/3,0 m

XXL Floor skirts - Extra protection against wind and rain

The extended floor skirt lies around 30 cm on the ground and reliably protects the tent interior.

  • Lets rain fall off far enough the tent
  • Reduces the penetration of soil moisture
  • Stops drafts
  • Has eyelets inside and outside

Tent climate - self-regulating air exchange

The anti-hermetic system guarantees an excellent climate in the tent.

  • No airtight tarpaulin locking
  • Automated air exchange
  • Protection against condensation
  • Protection against mold growth
  • Prevents CO2 increase

To assist, there are two closable ventilation windows with insect screens on each side of the gable.

Each gable side has one entrance.

Durable, double stitched zipper system

  • Fast and easy opening
  • Entrance 1: Dimensions W / H approx .: 3,0/2,9 m
  • Entrance 2: Dimensions W / H approx .: 3,0/2,9 m

Uncomplicated assembly

Assembly in a few steps:

  1. Install roof structure
  2. Pull on the roof tarpaulin
  3. Attach standing poles to one side
  4. Attach further legs and ground frame
  5. Attach sidewalls
  6. Anchor the tent to the ground depending on earth or concrete anchors
  7. Secure with the storm protection
  • With easy-to-understand assembly instructions.


  • Steel frame with pushed-through screw connection, ground frame and roof reinforcements
  • Roof tarpaulin
  • 6 Side panels
  • 2 gable parts with zipper entrance
  • Bungees
  • Incl. Pegs
  • Storm protection ropes
  • Assembly instructions and assembly tool