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9.15x12m 3.5x3.5m Drive Through Arched Storage Tent / Hangar, extra stable, PVC 720 fire resistant, dark green

Item No.: 49146

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dark green

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Arched shelter with safety plus package – robust, stable and economical

Extra stable, PVC arched shelter with structural supports certified by German engineers and a distance between the vertical arches of only 1 m. This increases the stability, load capacity and sturdiness considerably in comparison to products with a standard distance of 2 m between the vertical arches. Arched shelters make a great alternative to permanent building structures, since they are as stable as a warehouse, but are as economical and flexible as a tent. The rounded shape increases load bearing capacity and offers maximum protection from weather conditions. Arched tents are incredibly practical and versatile, making them a great choice for on the farm or for industrial use.

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Product may differ in size and colour from the image.

Possible uses

  • Sheltered storage or working area in exposed areas
  • Safe storage of weather-sensitive, industrial goods and materials
  • Protected parking for large vehicles such as lorries, camper vans, caravans, vans, boats and yachts
  • As a feeding stall for livestock or barn for storage of wood and hay in agriculture and forestry industries
  • As a workshop or production area
  • Weather-resistant shelter on construction sites
  • As a wind and weather-resistant sales and exhibition area
  • Suitable for temporary and long-term use
The distance between the vertical arches is approx. 1 m.


Width:approx. 9.15 m
Length:approx. 12.00 m
Area:9.15 x 12m - 109.80 m²
Height at Apex:approx. 4.5 m
Lateral height:approx. 3.5 m
Gate height:approx. 3.5 m
Gate dimensions:Width approx. 3.5 m
Height approx. 3.5 m
Door dimensions:Width approx. 1.50 m
Height approx. 2.00 m
Distance between vertical arches:approx. 1.00 m

Safety Plus Set & Engineering Report

  • High safety: Static loads have been calculated by highly skilled Members of the German Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI).

  • The results:

  • Can withstand the full load of gale force winds according to DIN EN 1991, resulting in structural stability at maximum measured wind speeds. This means that this tent stand firm even with windspeeds of 10 Bft or more. [4] [5]
  • The load for this tent has been calculated and is given in kg/m²[4] [7].
  • These loads comply with the following EN regulations:
    • EN 1990
    • EN 1991
    • EN 1993
  • The engineer's report and all necessary parts for safe erection of the tent are included in the delivery.
  • Anchoring is included. You may select between anchoring for soft or hard / concrete surfaces.
  • The engineer's report is extensive and complete. It is an appropriate form of certification for presenting to local or government department[8].
Product may differ in size and colour from the image.
Product may differ in size and colour from the image.


  • This model offers extremely high stability owing to the increase in number of steel arches. The arches are spaced approximately 1 m apart, as opposed to the standard spacing of 2 m
  • Guaranteed stability even under high stress (engineer's report included)
  • Fully galvanised, extra strong steel frame
    • Diameter: approx. 76 mm (vertical) / approx. 60 mm (horizontal)
    • Wall thickness: approx. 2 mm (vertical) / approx. 1.5 mm (horizontal)
  • On each gable wall there is a main gate, that can be opened upwards using a simple pulley device
  • The vertical steel poles are inserted into each other and fixed using M 10 screws (double bolted)
  • The horizontal steel poles are bolted to the vertical arches (M 12 screws)
  • Flat round-head screws with self-locking nuts are used for bolting
  • The tent is fixed to the ground using 3 anchors per foot and can anchor to either hard or soft ground
  • Ground anchors for both surfaces are included in the delivery. Both concrete anchors (M 12) and solid, 1 m long ground stakes (M 16) are included in the delivery
  • With ratchet fasteners on the feet, the roof can be put up easily and accurately with a secure, taut fit over the steel construction
  • Extra doors on the gable walls allow for quick and easy access to the arched shelter
Product may differ in size and colour from the image.
Color may differ from original product.


  • 5 year guarantee on closed, correctly assembled PVC tarpaulins (View Guarantee Terms Here)
  • High-quality, moulded PVC tarpaulin with waterproof internal fabric - certified according to DIN EN ISO 527
  • approx. 720 g/m²[20] strong PVC
  • 9 x more tear resistant than standard PVC tarpaulins
  • Fire-resistant PVC: fire safety certification according to DIN 4102 B1
  • Certified for temperatures from -30 to +50 Celsius
  • Outstanding UV protection
  • 100% waterproof
  • Robust, seamless roof section
  • With ground skirting providing effective wind deflection
  • The rounded shape and smooth PVC surface allow snow and dirt to slide off
  • Hard-wearing pull-up gates on both gable sides for easy, fast use
  • High-quality, durable zips for fast opening of the door
  • A tensioning belt system is used to control the tension of the tarpaulin and ensures a perfect fit and optimum stability at all times
  • An additional tensioning cable at the gable ends keeps the roof tarpaulin in perfect shape
  • Built-in ventilation windows on the gable walls ensure optimum air circulation and an excellent climate inside of the tent
  • Corrosion-proof brass eyelets
  • Light-coloured tarpaulins reflect sunlight. As a result, the tarpaulin does not heat up as much and durability is increased

Fire Resistance

The PVC tarpaulin for this product is fire-resistant. It is certified in accordance with:

  • D – DIN 4102 – B1/B2
  • F – M1/M2
  • PL – EN 13501-1
  • NL, B, L – EN 13501-1
  • DK, S, N – SIS 650082
  • A – EN 13501-1
  • CH – BKZ 5.2

Guarantees and customer service

  • 10 year guarantee of the frame against rusting (View Warranty Terms Here)
  • 5 year guarantee on closed, correctly assembled PVC tarpaulins (View Warranty Terms Here)
  • 10 year guaranteed availability of replacement parts
  • Best price guarantee: if you find the same product cheaper at one of our competitors up to 10 days after purchase, we will refund the difference
  • Safe payment using modern payment systems and encryption
Product may differ in size and colour from the image.


  • Detailed assembly instructions including labelled parts enable simple, fast assembly. Prior knowledge not required.
  • Self-assembly possible
  • No foundation necessary
  • No planning permission required in most cases
  • Only standard commercial tools required
  • Note: we recommend the use of a lifting device (forklift, wheel loader, etc.) for erecting the frame and a roller scaffold, scissorlift, etc. for assembly.
  • Packaging: heavy duty load-bearing wooden crates that provide protection against dampness and corrosion
Product may differ in size and colour from the image.

Delivery information

  • The tent is delivered in several packages via freight forwarder.
  • A forklift capable of carrying 1.6 t is necessary for unloading the crates.
  • Unloading is only possible from the side of the lorry - no ramp is available for unloading at the rear.

Overview of advantages

  • Outstanding protection against weather conditions such as wind, sun, rain, hail and snow
  • Guaranteed stability as set out in the included engineer's report
  • An inexpensive alternative to a permanent building structure
  • Great cost effectiveness due to:
    • Low purchase price in comparison to a permanent structure
    • Low set-up costs
    • Long periods of use due to robust construction and material durability
  • Quick and easy access with both a small and large entrance on the gable walls
  • Low-maintenance and easy cleaning
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Item No.49146
Weight1790 kg
Colourdark green


Drive-in widthapprox. 3.5 m
Drive-in heightapprox. 3.5 m
Ridge heightapprox. 4.5 m
Side wall heightapprox. 3.5 m
Entrance sizeapprox. 3.5 x 3.5 m


Roof sectionapprox. 720 g/m2
Side panelsapprox. 720 g/m²
Steel polesvertical approx. 76 mm / horizontal approx. 60 mm
Wall thickness of polesvertical approx. 2 mm / horizontal approx. 1.6 mm
Outer materialPVC
Fire resistantYes

Weather resistance

Snow loadapprox. 100 kg/m² *5)
Wind forceup to a maximum wind of (gale force/speed) 10 *5)
Ground-fixing systemYes
Structural analysis handbookYes
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Item no.:49146
Weight:1790 kg
Colour:dark green
Number Of Boxes:3
Assembly instructions

Order replacement parts

Every replacement part in this tent can be re-ordered! Please call us or simply submit a contact form.

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Safety instructions

  • Please observe the safety information included with the assembly instructions.

Permission notice',

In some countries, including Germany, tents of a certain area (generally larger than 75m²) and/or in the case of erection in certain locations require authorisation. It is the sole responsibility of the tent owner to ensure their compliance with local regulations and that assembly is correctly executed.

  • [4]
    if securing is used correctly
  • [5]
    The specified values of gale forces and snow loads only apply separately and shall not occur jointly.
  • [6]
    Calculated values for wind- and snowloads are expressed in the included statics handbook
  • [7]
    Always follow the instructions from the statics handbook. Fresh snow shall be removed swiftly from the tarpaulin in any case.
  • [8]
    These are values from our past experience and do not depict a guarantee of completeness for the future
  • [9]
    Products with window elements are exempt. The window material is flame retardant and dissolves in a controlled way in order to let breathable oxygen into tent in case of emergency.
  • [20]
    Due to possible fluctuations caused in the production process, minor variations within a tolerance range of 10% may occur. The quality of the tarpaulin is not affected by these variations.