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Sturdy tent garages as weather protected shelter for motorhomes

100% waterproof & robust

for campervans and caravans

no need to pour a foundation

high-quality steel frames

Over-winter storage for campervans, caravans and motorhomes

Over summer you're living the van life and your campervan or caravan gets plenty of use, whether you park in your driveway for short camping trips around and about, or have it parked ready for you at a favourite beach or campsite pitch. Over winter, you have plenty of caravan storage options − covered and close to home, or non-covered and affordable!

If you have the space, a great option that's safe and secure at a good price, is parking your caravan right next to your house in the garden. The most price-effective solution is a portable garage. Strong and secure, but light and easy to erect. They are also fully portable. When you move house you can take it with you. You can even rent uncovered storage and set up the tent and voila, your campervan is protected from the elements year-round.

Using your own motorhome shelter versus a leased shelter

Portable garages have one big advantage: their mobility. You can set up these tents wherever you like - there's no need to pour a foundation. The easy way is to place portable garages in your own garden or on your own property. If you don't have a parking space in your garden, you should still consider buying a portable garage. It’s usually much easier to find a suitable uncovered parking space for campers than a storage site providing weatherproof shelter. After all, campsites and farms with plenty of open space (where you can erect your portable garages) can be found just about everywhere.

Covered spaces, and storage compounds with reliable security measures for motorhomes and campers are hard to come by and might be well out of the way, potentially requiring significant towing fees. Access may also be an issue. A portable garage situated close to home with 24 hour access, is the best alternative. What are the other main reasons for buying your own motorhome shelter?

Year-round shelters for motorhomes and other large vehicles

Portable garages, are ideal as year-round caravan shelters. In summer your vehicle is protected from high UV radiation and pollen and in colder seasons from wind, rain, frost and snow. There's also no chance of rust or moisture forming inside the tent - thanks to integrated ventilation windows. Another plus point of the portable garages: the thin walls and doors. In contrast to brick garages, this allows you to maximise the amount of room offered by a small plot of land. Due to high-quality zip garage doors, the portable garage is also easy to open and close. Ideal all-rounders for the whole year!

TIP: Before you store your caravan for the winter, some precautions should be taken. These mainly concern one area: cleaning. Among other things, we recommend that you wash the underbody and grease all locks thoroughly.

Portable garages are used by our customers in a large variety of ways. It goes without saying that they can be used as an all-purpose storage room or a shelter for other large vehicles. A boat, for example, can also be stored here at low cost. So too, a collection of cars or motorbikes. Whether it's a well-used van or a precious vintage car or motorbike treasure - portable garages offer weather protection and security! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The tents can naturally be used as a general storage room or as a workshop too.

TIP: While a portable garage is perfect for storing your caravan at home, we also recommend packing a smaller shelter for your camping holiday. Pop up gazebos, for example, are perfect caravan awnings, providing shade, offering protection from wind and rain and also expanding your camping living space. You can find more insights on this topic in the following magazine article: Camping gazebos as camper van awnings.

Portable garages for caravan storage in detail

High quality PE and PVC tarpaulins for sturdy camper tent garages

Which tarpaulin: PE or PVC?

First of all, it’s important to point out: Neither our PE nor our PVC tarpaulins lie directly against the caravan. This is a very important feature, after all, your caravan or motorhome should not be damaged by the tarpaulin. Condensation can also develop under a tarpaulin cover. Should that be in contact with the camper, you're not protecting your vehicle whatsoever.
About the material: In our range you’ll find tarpaulins made of PE as well as PVC. But what are the differences? PE tarpaulins are lighter and therefore cheaper in price. Thanks to their light weight, PE tents are quick and space-saving to store and transport. Tents made of PVC, on the other hand, have a dense inner mesh fabric that is, among other things, highly tear-resistant and durable. PVC shelters are particularly recommended for long-term and frequent use - including for your caravan site.

Sturdy tent garages for motorhomes available in many different sizes

Which size is most suitable?

Small sizes are already sufficient for storing a small van or car. For boats and caravans in particular, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m and 8m PVC portable garages are ideal. As a storage solution for more than one vehicle or a lorry with trailer, a long 4x24m garage is a great way to do it.
Also advisable: purchase a shelter that includes strengthening elements. These strengthening elements are called statics on our site. The set includes tie down straps with metal ratchets and robust ground anchors. You can find these by filtering for extra stable garages on the product page. The included handbook detailing maximum snow and wind loads may be useful for your insurance premium or for planning purposes. And did you know that we also offer fire-safe certified models? Portable garages - simply the perfect alternatives to motorhome storage facilities!

Frequently Asked Questions about portable garages for campervans and caravans

Do portable garages require a permit?

Planning permission is generally required for buildings that will be erected for longer than 28 days in a calendar year such as garages or workshops. There are however plenty of exceptions for buildings, particularly where the height is less than 5m and the garage is more than 2 meters from the property boundary. You can read more on this topic in our guide on planning permission for private and business properties. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you contact the relevant building authority for your area.

The construction of the carport. Without side walls, rain can enter the shelter from the side. Especially in winter, your campervan, car or van needs protection from stormy conditions to prevent damage. Security is also an issue, particularly when considering caravan insurance. A shelter with sides offers far greater security, because the camper van is placed out of sight. Last of all, you're likely to find that the price of a sturdy carport of this size far outweighs the price of a sturdy, large garage from House of Tents.

All of our portable garages have strong metal frames made of fully galvanised steel. The frames of our large garage tents with a width of at least 4m wide have an extra strong oval-tube profile with a wall thickness of approx. 1.9mm. For further reinforcement, horizontal and diagonal steel wires are installed in the side walls, as well as additional roof cross bars.

Our largest garages, with a width of 8m and a side height of 4m, have a door that extends to 4.7m. There's enough room to drive in your camper with the pop-top up! These tents feature double doors with three heavy duty zips, allowing you to open either side or both double doors simultaneously. Doors with even more clearance are on offer with our largest industrial tents featuring doors over 5m in height.

Of course they are! Storage tents in particular are also ideal for use as garages or workshops. In contrast to portable garages, these storage solutions have a more pointed roof and are also available in white in addition to the colours green and grey. Another advantage of using these tents for storage: the garage door. You can choose between a zip, sliding and pull-up door for your storage tent. The same applies to our industrial tents. With industrial tents, you can even opt for a wince door, that can easily be motorised. Our field shelters are also suitable as a shelter for your small camper or as a working space. Another option for the storage of large vehicles: arched shelters. Thanks to their shape, they are naturally resistant to wind and snow.

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