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Polycarbonate greenhouse: a high-performance, hard-wearing model

A polycarbonate greenhouse stands out for its high quality and performance. Large or small, they can be installed anywhere: in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. With a polycarbonate greenhouse as your growing greenhouse, your fruit and vegetables will be well-shielded from the cold and can grow in the best possible conditions.

Learn more about the plastics used in glazing and discover the advantages of our professional, top-of-the-range polycarbonate greenhouse.

Our professional polycarbonate greenhouses

Is the polycarbonate used for greenhouses transparent?

The transparent polycarbonate used for our greenhouses lets in up to 90% natural light. Most crops need sunlight to grow well. The transparent polycarbonate greenhouse is ideal: the twin-wall panels protect against the sun's rays while diffusing an even light throughout. Anti-UV clear polycarbonate sheet is unique in that it prevents the sun from scorching your garden plants in fine weather and provides excellent coverage in rain and wind.

Replacement polycarbonate greenhouse panels

We're confident that you won't have any need for replacement polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses. That's why they come with a 10 year guarantee. Should you ever need a replacement polycarbonate sheet you can fill in our spare parts form or give our customer service team a call.

    What is polycarbonate?

    Before getting stuck into the benefits of using polycarbonate for greenhouses, a little background on the material.

    Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer which takes the form of a solid, completely transparent material. It has excellent properties, including good impact resistance and thermal insulation. Polycarbonate is commonly used in applications such as making eyeglass lenses, compact discs & DVDs, and in the construction of safety helmets due to its optical clarity, impact resistance, and lightweight properties.

    Twin-wall polycarbonate sheets

    Our best selling entry level polycarbonate greenhouses

    Why use polycarbonate for greenhouse glazing?

    The glazing of our polycarbonate greenhouses is made from twin-wall polycarbonate panels. These sturdy plastic panels are made up of two transparent sheets connected at even intervals, creating cells of trapped air with effective insulation properties.

    Polycarbonate panels or sheets for greenhouses have the following characteristics:

    1. 1

      Lightness and strength

    2. 2

      High impact resistance

    3. 3

      Good thermal insulation

    4. 4

      Excellent light transmission

    5. 5

      Long life

    Twin-wall polycarbonate for greenhouses is therefore ideal for outdoor use in the garden. Polycarbonate sheets provide effective protection from rain, wind and snow. Another advantage of the double-walled polycarbonate greenhouse is that the greenhouse glazing is UV-resistant thanks to a protective UV film.

    Our greenhouse is made entirely of polycarbonate and aluminium. The high quality frame made of aluminium holds the greenhouse panels in place, with no overlap between the glazing sheets.

    Polycarbonate greenhouse vs glass greenhouse: a comparison

    Glass is a traditional choice for greenhouse glazing, offering excellent clarity and longevity, but it tends to be heavier and more fragile compared to polycarbonate. Both materials have their merits, with glass being scratch-resistant and providing aesthetic appeal to your garden while polycarbonate offers practical advantages, being durable and exhibiting impact strength.

    Greenhouse polycarbonate sheet

    Polycarbonate sheet greenhouse

    • Light & resistant material
    • UV protection
    • Anti-shattering sheets
    • Cheaper to replace
    Greenhouse glass glazing panels

    Classic glass pane

    • Heavier than plastic sheets
    • Susceptible to impact
    • Can cut if broken
    • Costly to replace

    Glass greenhouses also have plastic roofs

    The strength, longevity and light transmission of our plastic panels are also used in the roof and gable panels of GFP greenhouses that are glazed with glass. As well as being an important safety consideration, plants appreciate the even distribution of light throughout the greenhouse.

      Our polycarbonate greenhouse in different sizes

      We offer our polycarbonate greenhouse in a wide range of sizes. Our smallest plastic greenhouses start from a 2.5 m² polycarbonate greenhouse. A small plastic greenhouse is an ideal alternative to a polytunnel for smaller plants, affording you easy access and durability. A walk-in garden greenhouse is a good option for gardeners who want to grow a wider range of plants.

      Large polycarbonate greenhouse in the garden

      Our polycarbonate greenhouse in different thicknesses

      Our polycarbonate greenhouse in different thicknesses The polycarbonate greenhouse is fitted with panels of different thicknesses. The thickness of the greenhouse polycarbonate sheets plays a part in the choice of model: the thicker the sheet, the stronger and better insulated the polycarbonate greenhouse glazing is.

      We offer polycarbonate sheets from 6 mm to 16 mm. The 6 mm and 8 mm polycarbonate greenhouses provide good protection and insulation at a good price. A model with a 10 mm polycarbonate sheet for a greenhouse offers even greater resistance and insulation for your plants. For optimum, safe, long-lasting protection, we recommend a greenhouse glazed with 16 mm polycarbonate sheet.

      Our greenhouses with 12 mm and 16 mm polycarbonate sheets

      Our service

      Polycarbonate glazing is a long-lasting and effective alternative to greenhouse glass. The sheets provide a host of benefits, which complement the strong frame made of aluminium. Available in a wide range of sizes, plastic greenhouses feature glazing sheets from 6 mm to 16 mm thick. If you'd like to learn more about the plastics and metals used in our greenhouses, don't hesitate to contact our team of experts.

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