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An outdoor log store for your garden

A tidy log store helps you keep firewood dry while maintaining an orderly garden or outdoor area. Whether you have a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or simply love the cozy ambiance of a fire pit, having a dedicated log storage solution is essential. Portable garage tents and storage tents are the perfect answer to your wood shelter needs. These versatile structures provide an excellent solution for keeping your firewood dry, organized, and easily accessible. Their durable materials protect your firewood from the elements, ensuring that your wood stays dry and ready to use.

Say goodbye to soggy, rotting logs and hello to a well-maintained garden with a log store that blends seamlessly into your outdoor space. Invest in a storage tent today and enjoy the convenience and charm it brings to your garden.

Great log storage ideas

When it comes to organizing your firewood and enhancing your outdoor space, there are some fantastic log store ideas that can elevate your wood storage game. One of the most practical options is the use of storage tents and portable garage tents as your dedicated log store. These tents provide a flexible and effective way to store your wood. With various sizes and designs available, you can easily find one that matches your specific log store design requirements.

Tent log stores are an excellent choice for those who want a temporary wood storage solution, making them ideal for seasonal wood storage. Embrace these innovative wood storage ideas and take your log store to the next level with the convenience and adaptability of storage tents and portable garage tents. Your firewood will thank you for it!

Waterproof log store tents

Discover the cheap log store solutions provided by storage tents and portable garage tents. These offer a wealth of benefits for those seeking a cost-effective and practical log storage option. Unlike traditional wooden or plastic log stores, these tents provide a flexible and budget-friendly alternative that can easily adapt to various needs and space constraints.

Storage tents for fully customisable firewood storage

The benefit of using a storage tent as a firewood store, is that it can be fully customised by rolling up or removing any or all side walls. This is a significant advantage for providing plenty of ventilation while the sun is shining and reliable protection from rain and moisture when the weather sets in. Our storage tents are constructed with high-quality materials, combining heavy-duty PVC tarpaulins with a strong steel frame, ensuring durability and longevity. Moreover, Premium and Professional models come equipped with a groundbar, further enhancing stability and making them a reliable choice for year-round log storage.

Wood stack piled underneath a storage tent

Our best selling storage tents for firewood storage

Portable garages for stylish compact storage

A portable garage features a durable roof tarpaulin that extends over the sides and is held taut by ratchet tensioners. A portable garage is a practical and stylish option for your outdoor area. The portable garage makes for a good firewood store thanks to its tunnel shape. It comes with two gable walls, one of which features a zip up entrance gate. Both sides feature a ventilation flap that ensure a constant exchange of air. You may choose to increase ventilation further by removing the gable walls of the log store entirely.

portable garage in snow

Our best selling portable garages

Tips for keeping firewood dry

To keep firewood dry when stored outside, it's important to elevate the woodpile off the ground using pallets or a firewood rack. Ensure proper ventilation by stacking the wood loosely, allowing air to circulate through the stack, which helps to prevent moisture buildup. You will need to cover the firewood with a waterproof tarp or using a dedicated log store to shield it from rain and snow, preserving its quality and making it ready for efficient burning when needed. Our magazine article inlcudes tips for preventing condensation.

    A wood store you can build yourself in an hour

    Portable garage tents and storage tents are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them a practical choice for seasonal log storage. Comprehensive assembly instructions and videos take you step-by-step through how to build a log store using our products. Buying a ready-to-build log store kit saves you the time and effort of finding the correct parts and provides you with the assurance that the firewood storage canopy will remain standing over a long period of time.

    How to dry out wet firewood

    The best way to dry out wet firewood is to store it properly in a dry, well-ventilated area for an extended period, typically around 6-12 months. Proper firewood storage helps reduce the wood's moisture content, making it burn more efficiently, produce less smoke, and generate more heat when used as firewood. Properly dried firewood is important because wet timber can be challenging to ignite, create excessive buildup of soot in chimneys, and result in a less efficient and potentially dangerous fire.

      How to stack logs in a log store

      The best way to stack firewood is by creating a stable and well-organized log stack. Start by choosing a level surface under the roof of the log store and placing two parallel wooden beams or logs on the ground as a base. Next, lay the firewood pieces evenly and perpendicular to these base beams, creating a single row of logs. Ensure that the pieces are loosely stacked with space between the logs to promote air circulation. As you build the log stack, alternate the direction of the logs or create a crisscross pattern to enhance stability.

      To protect your firewood from ground moisture and pests, consider elevating the stack on a rack or wooden pallets. This proper stacking method not only maximizes airflow for efficient drying and combustion but also keeps your woodpile stable and organized for easy access when needed. Store kindling separately in a basket or on a kindling shelf or rack near your log stack to keep it easily accessible. Ensure the kindling stays dry and protected from moisture to maintain its flammability.

      Wood storage outdoors

      Our wood store sizes

      Log stores come in various sizes and designs, allowing you to choose one that complements your garden's style. Small log stores include a 3x2 storage tent and 1.6 x 2.4 m portable garages. You will find a very wide range of sizes of outdoor firewood storage options inlcuding 3-4 m wide storage tents that are ideal for large gardens. A large log store provides extra space for garden storage of patio furniture lawnmowers, tools and garden equipment.

      Large outdoor wood sheds: industrial solutions

      If you are looking for a larger wood storage solution, we have a wide range of options that are ideal shelters to store timber. All of our tents are equipped with a metal frame and a weather-resistant, durable tarpaulin. They are equipped with different entrances, but can all be opened and closed at any time for optimal air circulation. This makes them flexible and stable solutions at the same time, perfect as an outdoor shed for wood storage.

      Industrial tent full of pallets

      Large tents for wood storage

      Our expert customer service

      If you have a stove or wood-burner at home and are looking for a tidy logstore to store timber and chopped wood, a free-standing tent used as as roof shelter for a wood rack could be just the ticket. Do you still have doubts or questions about which product is the most suitable for your outdoor wood shed? Would you like information on our guarantees or the delivery of our products? Our customer service is at your disposal.

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