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From calculating the correct tent size, cleaning and storage to repairing minor damage – there is a lot of tent knowledge we’d like to share with you so that you can enjoy your tent for as long as possible.

In our guide you’ll find clear instructions, tips and tricks about our tent world – many of them also with videos.

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Laying a chipborad floor on top of joists supported by concrete blocks

DIY flooring for marquees and storage tents

Marquee flooring allows you to transform a cold, wet, and uneven ground into a flat dry surface. This article estimates the costs and hire prices for 5 alternative flooring options & provides in-depth instructions for building chipboard flooring.

Morning dew on grass is also condensation

Tent Condensation

Are you struggling with damp and even mould in your tent? Are you finding droplets of water forming on the tent poles? You may very well feel irritated because you were told that your tent was 100% waterproof. That’s understandable, but the source of your frustration hasn’t appeared from outside the tent, but rather it has likely condensed from the air inside the tent.


Increase the stability of your marquee or portable garage

Strong winds aren’t just a factor in autumn and winter. Adverse weather conditions can occur all year round. Particularly if your marquee is in use throughout the whole year or is left standing for several weeks, you will need to consider the possibilities for securing the structure and retrofit it with suitable anchoring equipment.


Quiz question

Which tarpaulin material can be easily fixed with plastic glue?

The answer:

PVC tarpaulins can be easily mended with plastic glue!
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