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my name is Julia and I am very happy to fill this magazine with colourful life as Content Marketing Manager. Whether it’s tips for decorating your garden pavilion, informative articles about the many uses of professional tents, interviews or even animal encounters at the field shelters – I always pursue one goal: to take you with me into my world, bursting with tent knowledge and inspirational ideas.

My latest articles:

Morning dew on grass is also condensation

Tent Condensation

Are you struggling with damp and even mould in your tent? Are you finding droplets of water forming on the tent poles? You may very well feel irritated because you were told that your tent was 100% waterproof. That’s understandable, but the source of your frustration hasn’t appeared from outside the tent, but rather it has likely condensed from the air inside the tent.

A pop up gazebo makes an ideal market stand

A checklist for your own market stall

If you are wanting to get into street trading and set up a market stall, and you’re not sure where to begin, this is the guide for you! Whether you’re a casual seller or market trader, or wanting to get set up for the long term in outdoor retail, when getting started with street trading and establishing a stall there are a few things to consider.



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