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Robust metal garden gazebo for your garden

In aluminium or steel

Models with tarpaulin and hardtop roofs

100% waterproof & stable

100% waterproof & stable

Available in sizes 3x3 m and 3x4 m

In aluminium or steel

Metal garden gazebos - aluminium gazebos and steel gazebos

Whether in winter or in summer - a permanent gazebo is an absolute highlight in your home garden all year round! The elegant design of the metal gazebo, the attractive and simple colours of the roof enhance the view across your garden, while the cosy atmosphere under the canopy creates a feel-good oasis at your home! These outdoor shelters are also extremely stable, waterproof and UV-resistant.

Metal frames in comparison: Which model is suitable for my garden?

At House of Tents you can find heavy duty gazebos in different sizes. In smaller gardens a size of 3m x 3m might be ideal. If you like to entertain groups of friends at home, a 3m x 4m size gazebo would be ideal. Next, you should choose the material that best suits your needs. Aluminium gazebos are lightweight and very easy to handle. The legs of aluminium gazebos are powder-coated and are therefore well protected against corrosion and also resistant to pest and fungal attack. Steel gazebos, on the other hand, are heavier than aluminium gazebos, but are also more stable. The frames of steel gazebos are also fully galvanised — powder-coated to protect against rust. Steel gazebos are generally cheaper than models with aluminium frames, while aluminium gazebos are better protected from rust. At House of Tents you can choose between either steel or aluminium frames for your garden pavilion.

Soft or hard top roof?

Enjoy the cold season in a durable and waterproof gazebo with a hard top.

A garden gazebo with a fixed roof is called a hardtop. Our fixed roofs are made of strong and flexible polycarbonate panels. Polycarbonate is characterised by high heat resistance, form stability and strength. Hardtop gazebos from House of Tents offer you a UV protection of 50+ for excellent sun protection. They are also extremely stable and 100% waterproof. Due to these properties, a permanent gazebo with a solid polycarbonate roof is ideal for providing shade from the sun and shelter from the rain and wind all year round. With a permanent outdoor structure, you won't need to wait for the perfect day.

Even on cold winter days, you can enjoy your garden or patio to the fullest thanks to the hardtop. View our selection and find the perfect fixed roof gazebo for you!

Metal gazebos with a tarpaulin roof are particularly popular for the warmer months. At House of Tents our tarpaulin canopies are made of polyester with either a PU or PVC lining. Due to the low weight of this fabric, the canopy is easy to transport, store and erect. Nevertheless, this "soft roof" does not compromise on stability. A soft top canopy option for your metal garden gazebo is also very stable, waterproof and of high quality. Soft roof canopies also effectively block UV radiation, with a sun protection factor of 30+ for classic models, and 50+ for Premium. Place your garden furniture here and enjoy the great outdoors in your garden with a good book or cold summer drinks. In winter, however, we recommend that you remove the tarpaulin roof from your metal gazebo and put it into storage, as it is not designed for cold weather conditions. You can leave the metal structure standing in the garden.

Practical tips & tricks

4 Mosquito side panels for your garden gazebo

Enjoy your sturdy gazebo without mosquitoes.

If you want to spend as much time as possible outside in the garden over the summer evenings, you will need protection from mosquitos and midges. We recommend mosquito nets that can attach to the metal frame of your garden gazebo. Mosquito nets can easily be attached to the curtain rod or rail and the legs of your gazebo. At House of Tents mosquito nets are available in 4-piece sets. In other words, you receive 4 mosquito side panels with which you can enclose the entire garden gazebo. Each net panel can attach to others on either side with heavy duty zips. Decide for yourself whether you prefer a closed garden pavilion or a partially closed one.

The optimal metal garden gazebo for your outdoor space

Which Gazebo suits me best?

House of Tents offers garden gazebos in two contrasting styles. The Rendezvous line has a classic design, which could lend itself to use in traditional gardens, for instance as a shelter next to the fire pit. Alongside rustic garden furniture, and perhaps a firepit, it will allow you to dine in timeless comfort as the year progresses and crisp Autumn evenings take hold. The Sunset line has clean, sharp lines, affording a modern and stylish flourish to your outdoor area. Sunset gazebos make a wonderful shelter over a hot tub or patio, or as an inviting space next to the BBQ.

With a range of accessories, you can customise your garden gazebo still further. You can mix and match colours by buying side panels or add a sunsail to cool things down on hot summer days. Finally, you also have the choice of renewing your roof or canopy with replacement roofs.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

How many side panels or side walls are supplied with the purchase?

When you buy a heavy duty gazebo from House of Tents, you don't need to worry about the number of side walls. You will receive all side walls with the delivery, so that you can completely weatherproof your steel or aluminium gazebo at any time. No matter what size you have chosen, the sidewall panels are always included.

There are two designs to choose from in our range: the Rendezvous line and the Sunset line. The Rendezvous line is playful and very decorative. On average, this design line is cheaper than the Sunset line. The Sunset line, on the other hand, does not necessarily have the lowest price, but it is modern and trendy at all times. The design fits well in a wide range of outdoor spaces.

You can find garden gazebos in the sizes 3x3 m and 3x4 m in our online shop. For larger outdoor shelters, you can browse marquees and pop up gazebos in our shop. Would you like a grey garden gazebo? No problem! House of Tents offers you a wide range of colours: whether cappuccino, champagne, loft grey or stone - find your dream garden gazebo! Please note, however, that the colour loft grey is only available for Gazebos with aluminium frames. There are also differences in availability with regard to the design line. The Sunset line is available in all four colour variants, the Rendezvous line only in cappuccino and champagne.

No. We do not stock pergolas or pergolas with an aluminium construction for our garden models. However, if you are specifically interested in gazebos with aluminium constructions for your home garden, you will also find folding aluminium pop up gazebos in our range, in addition to our range of garden gazebos. Our aluminium pop up gazebos are lightweight, extremely mobile and, in addition to plain colours such as grey or white, are also available in eye-catching orange or purple.

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