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Accessories from A to Z

Accessories for pop up Gazebos
Accessories for pop up Gazebos

Expand your pop up gazebo equipment! Here you will find accessories: floor mounts, carry bags, connecting gutters and many more. Improve the characteristics and comfort of your pop up Gazebo with high-quality accessories.

Carrying bags
Carrying bags

High quality branded carrying bags made from robust, Oxford material with a waterproof coating and high quality zips are ideal for stowing poles and tarpaulins.

Storm protection
Storm protection

The storm sets are ideal for securing the tent to the ground. The set contains robust tension belts made from extra strong woven fabric, as well as sturdy ground nails (60 cm long) or ground anchors with a high towing capacity.

Safety Plus Package
Safety Plus Package

Our Safety Plus Pack has been developed and certified by German engineers. It enhances overall stability for all tents and comes with guaranteed wind & snow loads for our Professional and Professional Plus lines.

Connecting gutters/rain gutters
Connecting gutters/rain gutters

If multiple tents need to be connected, we recommend using our connecting gutters. They enable rainwater to drain off between two adjoining tents.


We offer a variety of entrances for our tents. Depending on your needs, entrances can be positioned on the gable or side wall. For something more spectacular, we recommend our oriental entrance.

Gable panels with windows
Gable panels with windows

To create a particularly transparent and special entrance, gables with windows are available. Whether partially opened, completely opened or even closed, as a result of the windows, the interior is always flooded with light.

Groundbar Frames
Groundbar Frames

Buy a groundbar frame for more stability! Simply choose the corresponding floor-plan for your tent from our range, e.g. 4x8 m and we guarantee that our universal base frame will fit. The groundbar frame is suitable for soil & concrete and for all tents with 38-40mm pole diameter.

Gable Walls for Container-Roofing

These gable walls can be mounted on the front or rear of container roofs and offer an extended protection against weather conditions such as sun, wind and rain. Gable walls with or without pull-up doors are available as variants.

Partitioning walls, fire-resistant
Partitioning walls, fire-resistant

Partitioning walls enable the tent to be divided into different areas. The partitioning walls are simply secured to the frame using the provided bungees.


The compact Guede gas heater (for propane and butane) can be used universally. It is ideal for heating and drying in the construction industry, in agriculture or storage spaces (only well ventilated spaces).

PVC / PE cleaner
PVC / PE cleaner

For cleaning PVC or PE tents we recommend our special PVC/PE cleaner. The high alkaline detergent guarantees gentle cleaning of all waterproof surfaces, effortlessly removing stubborn stains.

Repair sets
Repair sets

The repair sets were especially developed for all current tents. Useful for complete minor tent repairs at any time. Whether it's torn PVC or a ripped out eyelet, with this set repair is no longer a problem.


The bungees consist of a robust plastic ball and a durable elastic band. They aid in securing side and gable sections and are available in different lengths.

Bottom attachment
Ground fixings

Special feet, ground nails and ground anchors made from metal can be used for all current pavilions and marquees. These ground attachments provide the tent with great stability on both hard and soft surfaces.

Replacement parts: Tarpaulins and frames for your tent

If your connectors, steel poles or even a complete base frame have suffered, or you need a new tarpaulin, can provide fast assistance: We have over 55,000 replacement parts and accessories in stock.

The article number, located in the assembly instructions, help you to easily identify the frame part.

(invoice number, if possible)

Required replacement parts

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Tent accessories & replacement parts

At House Of Tents a variety of accessories are available for your tent: bag sets, partition walls and more. Allow more light in the tent with gable sections with windows. Increase the stability of your tent by purchasing additional ground attachments or a base frame. Using connecting gutters, tents can seamlessly be joined together - a great solution for expanding your tent. From heating to special PVC cleaner, you will find a vast selection of accessories on this website. Simply browse our range of products.

Do you need replacement parts for your tent? Contact our support team via the "replacement parts" contact form. House Of Tents has approximately 100,000 replacement parts in stock. This ensures that your tent can be repaired quickly.

We provide a variety of accessories for marquees and storage tents. Accessories, which improve the comfort, increase the stability and care for the tent are particularly interesting. The following text presents various accessories for this.

Tent accessories for increasing the comfort of your tent

Accessories for tent organisation

Those looking for an individually designed tent, will find many opportunities to do so with our vast range of accessories. For example, the right accessory can allow you to divide the inside of your tent into multiple rooms or to expand the tent. Special heating is also available for your tent, ensuring guests are kept warm on cold days. The following accessories for increasing the comfort of your tent are available in our range of products.

Tent entrances: Two special products are available to equip your tent with new entrances. Firstly, an Arabian entrance. This provides a sheltered, open area in front of the tent, perfect for shelter from the rain, when smoking or getting some fresh air. Secondly, special wall sections with entrances are available. These can be opened quickly via zips. This allows for an entrance at the side of the tent without having to remove the wall section.

Transparent gable ends for more light inside the tent

Gable section with windows or transparent gable sections: Bright rooms have an inviting feel and making working easier. Therefore, we provide gable sections with windows, as well as transparent gable sections. Especially for parties and events, gable sections with windows are a lucrative accessory that significantly improve the comfort and beauty of your tent. Transparent gable sections allow light into the tent, but maintain privacy. This is beneficial if work is being undertaken inside of the tent. Both products feature zips, with which the entrances can be opened quickly and comfortably.

Heating: A must on cold days. The compact gas heater with a powerful 10 kW. With this you can create a comfortable atmosphere for guests or workers in no time. The gas heater runs on propane or butane gas and can also be used as a dryer in the construction industry.

Fire-resistant partition walls: The option to subdivide the interior of the tent create new possibilities. Cordon off the kitchen from the event area or create a sale room with a separate storage area for goods. Many ideas can be realised. Partition walls are easily attached to the frame using the accompanying bungees. The robust, ca. 500 g/m2 PVC tarpaulin is fire-resistant.

Customised and perfect your tent

Accessories for improving stability and sturdiness

You don't always have to purchase a new tent. Sometimes replacement or extension parts are sufficient to adapt the tent to your needs. With the following accessories, your tent can become larger, more stable and more weatherproof. Ground attachments: the anchoring of the tent is important in order to increase stability. At House Of Tents, there are several possibilities depending on the type of surface. Ground nails (up to 60 cm long) driven deep into soft ground, ensuring great stability. Concrete anchors are required for hard surfaces, such as concrete. The metal frame expansion bolts anchor securely into hard grounds. For temporary solutions, such as at markets or trade fairs, we recommend our special metal tent feet. These are weighed down by concrete slabs, ensuring the tent remains securely on the ground.

Storm safety: In order to increase the stability of your tent, storm safety equipment is essential. This ensures secure anchoring in wind and bad weather and can come with ground nails or concrete anchors, depending on the type of ground. In addition to anchoring, the storm safety package also includes tension belts made of extra-strong woven fabric. These are secured with ratchet tensioners over the tent or to the frame of the tent. This ensures your tent remains securely on the ground.

Safety Plus Package: At House Of Tents, a collection of the best tools for increasing stability is available. The Safety Plus Package basically consists of three elements:

  • A specially designed steel rope system, which ensures additional bracing in the tent
  • Wide, robust tension belts with ratchet tensioners, which tautly secure the tent
  • Ground attachments depending of the type of ground. This ensures the tent is optimally secured to the surface

The Safety Plus Package significantly increases the stability and sturdiness of your tent and prevents the effects of strong winds and bad weather conditions.

Connecting tents

A rain gutter on a Wikinger tent

Connecting gutters/rain gutter: Thanks to connecting gutters, individual tents can be seamlessly connected to each other. This gives you the possibility for example, to expand your existing tent. You will find further information in our article "Expanding marquees". The connecting gutters are easily attached to the frame via bungees and are made of quality PVC.

Base frames: The fully-galvanised base frame stabilises the entire construction, significantly increasing stability. Alternatively, the base frame can be omitted at the entrances. We only provide base frames for 38 mm diameter poles.

Tent storage, care and repair

Accessories for tent cleaning, repair and storage

Good organisation saves time and money! This is also true for tents. Keeping all parts together eliminates laborious searching, as well as the necessity to reorder parts. You could even go as far as to say: a cared for and maintained tent will stand the test of time. At House Of Tents, you will find a variety of accessories for storage, care or repairs.

PVC / PE cleaner: Cleaning tarpaulins not only serves aesthetic purposes, but also aids maintenance of the material. A well cared for tarpaulin will remain durable and resilient against environmental influences. Our high alkaline cleaner enables the effortless removal of stubborn stains from plastics such as PVC or PE. Even a small amount will remove grease residue, soot or encrusted dirt.

Repair sets: Repairing minor damages will save you greater bother later. Two repair sets are available at House Of Tents. Firstly, we offer an eyelet repair set with 20 eyelets and a piercing tool, as well as a special repair set with which torn-out eyelets can be replaced or torn PVC can be patched. In addition to replacement eyelets, patches, PVC adhesive, etc. you will find numerous tools, such as for example, an eyelet tool, a hammer and a cutter knife in the First-Aid-Toolkit.

Optimally protect the tarpaulin from damage caused by wind: Bungees

Bungees: The importance of bungees is often underestimated. They are extremely important in order to protect the tarpaulin against the effects of wind. The elastic reduces the force effects on the eyelets and the tarpaulin, thus preventing damage to the tarpaulin. Missing or damaged bungees should be replaced promptly, ensuring that the amount of surface open to wind remains low. Important: Never use rigid fastenings. In strong winds, this could lead to tears in the tarpaulin.

Storage bag sets: A place for everything and everything in its place. Our tent bags enable all parts to be kept together, so that nothing gets lost. The robust storage bag sets are made of dirt and water repellent Oxford material. They are ideal for storing or transporting your tent.

There are many ways to spruce up your old tent. A tent that is taken care of will serve you well for many years to come. At House Of Tents you will find a vast range of tent accessories to care for your tent. Simply browse our range of products.